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Home to the legendary pastizzi as well as prehistoric temples that predate the Egyptian pyramids, Malta is the place to be.  The archipelago’s popularity, both for its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea as well as its inhabitants’ hospitality, has accommodated a myriad of influential civilisations throughout the ages, birthing a rich history and culture – among the islands’ many heritage sites, you will find Neolithic temples that are among the oldest structures in the world, Roman catacombs and town-houses, British colonial military architecture, and the stunning architectural legacy of the Order of the Knights of Saint John.

The origin of the name Malta (possibly) comes from the Greek word meli, meaning honey, that not only reflects the traditional produce, but also hints at the deliciousness of these islands that bask underneath the sun almost all year round. Endowed with sandy and rocky beaches and lavish countryside that’s excellent for a good old walk or trekking, as well as excellent shopping and entertainment locations, we welcome you to our enchanting islands.


The Grandmaster of the Order of the Knights of Saint John, Jean Parisot de la Vallette, laid the first stone of the heart of the Maltese Islands in 1566. The capital city of Valletta, known simply as Il-Belt (the City) among locals, houses a number of different attractions to the wandering traveler. It is relatively small in size – but what the capital lacks in size, it makes up for in richness in its history and character. Only a couple of meters away from buzzing Republic Street, St. John’s Co-Cathedral boasts some of the most glorious Baroque architecture from the Knights’ period in Malta, as well as a seminal chiaroscuro work of Caravaggio, The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.

Originally built for their strategic locations, the Barrakka Gardens offer a picturesque, eagle-eye view of the world-renowned Grand Harbour, which serves as an equally excellent spot for a view of the Three Cities’ startlingly beautiful fortifications. The gorgeous night lights of the Msida marina, Manoel Island and Sliema adorn the view of the Marsamxetto Harbour from Hastings Garden. Yet, to get to these gardens, one must wander into the gorgeous narrow alleyways that are adorned by traditional Maltese terraced houses. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you might also meet a furry, meowing friend that’s yearning for a cuddle. Valletta has been named Europe’s Cultural Capital of 2018, a rightful honour for the UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the many jewels of the Maltese Islands.


There is no shortage of accommodation options, not only in Valletta itself, but also in neighbouring towns such as Sliema or St. Julians, which are less than half an hour away from Valletta by bus.

Corner Hostel, Sliema
Starting from 16

Hotel Kappara, Kappara, L/O San Gwann (Hotel)
Starting from €20

NSTS Campus Residence, Msida (Residence)
Starting from €30

British Hotel, Valletta (Hotel)
Starting from 30

Marina Hotel, Sliema (Hotel)
Starting from 37

Bay Street Hotel, St. Julians (Hotel)
Starting from €37

Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana (Hotel)
Starting from 80

Castille Hotel, Valletta (Hotel)
Starting from 88

Osborne Hotel, Valletta (Hotel)
Starting from €100

Intercontinental Hotel, St. Julians (Hotel)
Starting from €109

Hotel Phoenicia, Valletta (Hotel)
Starting from 125

Disclaimer: All prices reflect a starting from quota and are subject to change.


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